This is the documented, true-life account of an innocent women’s life destroyed by Gang Stalking in Texas.

In November of 2015, my life suddenly changed forever when my father David Degeyter suddenly died of organ failure in Port Arthur,Texas. His body was cremated immediately by my stepmother Mary Edith Davis Degeyter Barnet. I was not contacted about my fathers passing, even though I shared a close relationship with him since a child and spoke with him on the phone daily for 20 years. I was in the middle of a horrible divorce with Michael Nelson Phillips Jr. in Brazoria County Texas. My father was funding my divorce. My stepmom had previously expressed

My now ex husband “Mike” Phillips Jr. of Bossier City, Louisiana had also warned me that if my father and I pursued a property battle with him, that “my father would end up dead and that I would end up on the streets with no one and nothing”.

These threats became my living reality. I have been severely gang stalked for the last 4 years and it’s completely destroyed my life. It’s next to impossible to get help because the active participants of gang stalkers are corrupt law enforcement and its run out of fusion centers with direction from the FBI, NSA, and the CIA. I consider this to be the worst crime known to man. Gang stalking targets millions of innocent Americans. We are referred to as “Targeted Individuals”. If you are a Targeted Individual, then someone put your name on what is known as a Standard Nomination Form. Your name was added to a Standard Nomination Form because the person who added your name claims that you are a terrorist threat. Any person can have their name put on the list via a Standard Nomination Form, and without any due cause or merit. You will never be notified that your name was added to the Terrorist Watch List, but the slow murder of your life will transpire as Government Criminals create your new existence of living in the United States of America without Constitutional rights.

My brother, David Degeyter and I were added to this Terrorist Watch list by our stepmom four years ago when our father suddenly passed. Our former stepmom spread horrible lies about us, sold all of our fathers possessions, and has been leasing our fathers house out in Port Arthur, Texas without sharing any of the proceeds with us. Her father is “Buddy” Davis who previously worked for The Department of Homeland Security.

Our only weapon of defense is exposing these crimes and government corruption. My brother and I are not terrorists. We don’t deserve this life of gang stalking and torture from energy weapons being blasted at us and millions like us, in attacks from satellites operated by the CIA.

The following posts are my documented personal accounts of my gang stalking in Texas from 2015 to present.

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In Loving Memory of David Degeyter from Port Arthur, Texas.
January 1949 – November 2015